Coffee Mug

If you appreciate a hearty mug of tea or coffee this one is for you. Satisfying to hold featuring a roomy handle, its creamy white glaze and cheerful motif will enhance your kitchen dresser.

Price: €18

Shipping: €6 (more items €4.5) 1.

Readily available 2.

You may leave a simple message for Patricia with your order. To discuss in detail, please contact directly.


Width: 8.5cm

Height: 11cm

Depth: 13cm

Weight: 0.35kg

1. Shipping always by courier, charged at a flat rate reflecting the lowest estimated cost, dropping by 25% per item for multiple items. To ameliorate the high cost of shipping pottery, 33-50% of incurred shipping costs are covered by the Potters Yard, passing savings to the customer.

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