Alpine Planter 'Earth'

This planter has been impressed with trailing seaweed fronds when the clay was quite soft. The impressed line is highlighted against the green moss glaze giving an overall effect which is soft and natural, a perfect foil for the alpines. Our planters are also textured with hessian, lace, leaves and wire, an eclectic variety of found materials. Original and unique to the Potter's Yard, these planters are sculptural, practical, ideal indoors or outdoors or as table centers with a dried flower arrangement.

Price: €55

Shipping: €12 (more items €9) 1.

Limited quantities available 2.

You may leave a simple message for Patricia with your order. To discuss in detail, please contact directly.


Width: 28cm

Height: 10cm

Depth: 28cm

Weight: 1.5kg

1. Shipping always by courier, charged at a flat rate reflecting the lowest estimated cost, dropping by 25% per item for multiple items. To ameliorate the high cost of shipping pottery, 33-50% of incurred shipping costs are covered by the Potters Yard, passing savings to the customer.

2. When there are limited quantities available, an order of multiples of this item may require new stock to be made which may require 2-6 weeks additional time - please contact Patricia for details of when your order will be shipped.

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